About Us

After witnessing the devastating effects of Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina and paying attention to world’s situation, a team of friends came together and decided to prepare themselves for whatever the weather brings. But before we knew it, a hobby turned into an addiction, at which point we realized we can help others be prepared as well.

We at Emergeingear.com, strive to deliver you the best of everything and help you to be prepared for an emergency and help save lives. Our survival kits include the necessary items at your fingertips, when you need the most.

We are not a team of paranoids; rather we are a team of guys who decided not to get stranded in case things turned for the worst. Let us help you do the same.

Our Dream:
Our dream is to build a secured life for people by making sure that every home, car, office and school has an emergency kit to be ready for all natural disasters.
Our Mission:
Our main goal is to alert as many people as possible and to deliver an emergency kit to every household, office, car and every school.
“Only the Prepared can Survive a Disaster!!!”- prepare right now.
                                                                                      -Team Emergeingear