Who Needs A Trailer?

Who Needs A Trailer?


"Be Prepared - Not Scared" This is a familiar motto to many preppers. What does this motto mean? What are the threats? What type of preparations are required?


Earthquakes / Hurricanes / Floods / Civil Unrest / Wildfires / Chemical Spills / Nuclear Biological Chemical (NBC) Terrorist Attacks / Blizzards


All these emergencies, while completely different in nature, are related in that every emergency unfolds in three distinct phases.


The Initial Phase takes place during the first 72 hours, the Extended Phase includes the next 30 days and the Sustained Phase is modified living in the altered environment. Plans that do not address all 3 phases will ultimately fail.


Volumes of books and articles provide a plan of action and list of equipment that should be acquired to ensure preparation. Some preppers focus on a BUG-IN plan to shelter in place during any disaster. They stockpile years worth of canned and bottled food and sleep well knowing their 20KW solar electric system will provide power for them to continue a normal life in any situation. Some preppers focus on a BUG-OUT plan. No matter what the crisis or emergency, the plan is to throw on their 60 pound backpack, grab a rifle and head to woods to live like Jeremia Jonhson.


Each of these seperate and distinct plans are doomed to failure. Many "Bug-In" plans will fail in the Initial Phase during an event which overwhelms the prepper. Examples of such events are weather such as tornadoes, floods, and hurricanes, terrorist events such as Nuclear, Biological or Chemical (NBC) attacks and societal events such as civil unrest and rioting. Many "Bug-Out" plans will fail in the Adaptive Phase as no person has the ability to carry supplies to cover the time period. Most Bug-Out plans also do not take into consideration elderly or poorly conditioned individuals and couples, families with cherished pets or younger families with children.


The Survival Trailer prepares the user for Bug-In or Bug-Out during all 3 phases. Regardless of which choice is made, all preppers must have the basics of Food, Water, Shelter, Security, Warmth, Medical and Communications to survive the aftermath of an event. Many preppers will build a 72 hour "bug-out bag" to cover the initial phase. The Survival Trailer is a bug-out bag on steroids! A 30 days of supply of food will allow the prepper to survive the adaption phase. The ability to transport all the equipment and supplies to a remote or distant location will allow transition to the sustained phase.


Set up in a driveway, parked by the side of the road or isolated in a field, the Survival Trailer is truly ready on arrival with no support required from any other facility. Providing instant peace-of-mind, the trailer comes fully-equipped and provides one-stop shopping to prepare any individual or family. In one step, a totally unprepared user can become better equipped for any emergency that most survival experts.


The Trailer is an integrated system that can't be found in any other survival trailer. It is the only trailer of its kind that is small enough to be stored in a standard residential garage yet still be strong enough to be loaded with over 2 1/2 tons of equipment and supplies. The Trailer is definitely NOT just a cargo trailer with boxes of stuff thrown in.


The trailer provides easy-to-read and easy-to-use manuals for all systems and food preparation. The included training program and training exercises will quickly prepare anyone. Direct online or telephone support is available for all customers will provide quick answers to any questions.


Prepare Today To Survive Tomorrow


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