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On-Board Systems Overview​​




The overall guiding principle used in the creation of the BIOB trailer was KISS, Keep It Simple Survival. The on-board systems are specifically designed to work flawlessly under the most extreme and punishing conditions. Each component supplied with the trailer is hand picked for reliable and function. Flashy and Cheap were elements not even considered in the design or construction. There are no veneers, fancy upholstery or soft carpets and preparing for life and death situations is not the time or the place to be trying to save a few dollars.




Most components were designed for use in harsh marine boating and rugged off-road 4-wheeling vehicles environments. These durable components combine to create durable systems.








This trailer can not be bought off the shelf at the local big box store. It can not be found pre-built at the local trailer lot. No other 5' x 10' trailer offers these features. An incredibly strong frame built with 3" enclosed tubing. A specially built axle with a 3 ton capacity, electric brakes and 15" radial trailer tires. The walls and roof are built with framing spaced 16" apart. The walk-on roof can support 500 lbs. The rear ramp can support a roll on weight of 500 lbs and has leveling jacks that can support 500 lbs each. Each corner of the trailer has a 1000 lb leveling jack. The extended tongue provides ease of handling and backing into tight spaces and the front jack has a removable wheel for greater ground clearance. All of this in a package that fits through a standard height garage door.








A 12V system that can be charged 5 different ways: solar, wind generator, external 110V shore power, tow vehicle, and optional propane powered generator. The batteries are the most modern, rugged, absorbent glass mat (AGM) design that require no maintenance and can be mounted internally. Weighing in at 65 lbs each, the 2 - 6 volt batteries are connected in series for balanced charging and have thick plates for an incredible capacity for deep cycling. The wiring harness has soldered connections with heat shrunk covers for the best in reliability and corrosion resistance. The wiring harness is provided pre-wired for the optional propane A/C generator. The 140 watt solar panel is RV quality with a tilt mount to align with the sun for optimum power production. The 240 watt roof mounted wind generator provides charging in a little as 7 mph of wind. The charging station is set up for charging all types of devices and the RV quality 300 watt inverter provides A/C power on demand. The supplied 3 way refrigerator can be powered by the 12V battery, 110V inverter or the external power plug. A 50' contractor grade extension cord allows hook up to external power supplies through the external power port.




All electrical components sensitive to Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) damage are delivered in the trailer installed in a Faraday Cage. This cage is sealed and will protect all the components during storage. It should be noted, however, that once this cage is unsealed the components will no longer be protected.




An optional propane powered generator can be used to charge batteries or supply A/C power for high power draw tools and electronics.








The plumbing is designed to store and deliver hot and cold potable water. The 21 gallon internal tank can be filled from an external filler port with a supplied food grade hose or with the supplied collapsable and rigid steel 5 gallon containers. All water should be filtered prior to use in the system. Pressure for the system is maintained by a 12V on demand pump and accumulator system. The tankless hot water heater is plumbed to the shower and the sink spray faucets supplies water at ambient temperature to for pot filling and clean-up. The stainless steel sink and counter top is perfect for cooking sanitation. The sink is plumbed to drain into an external waste container that can be emptied at a remote location. The fully enclosed shower area has a removable vinyl floor and a cypress wood foot grate to elevate the user off the ground. The shower sprayer can be used with the supplied decontamination solutions to eliminate NBC contaminates from people and equipment.




The model is supplied with a Stainless Steel 4.5 gallon gravity drip filter that can purify 6K gallons of contaminated fresh water for use in sanitation and cooking. A Stainless Steel Survival Still Distiller is supplied that can deliver 1/2 gal of potable water per hour from any water source and can even desalinate sea water.







Hot water, refrigeration, shelter heat and cooking fuel is supplied by the propane system. Ample supply is available from the 2 - 30 lb DOT approved tanks. The tanks are plumbed with a selector valve which allow one tank to be removed for filling while the other provides continuous supply to the system. The custom tongue mounted storage racks provide complete security. The gas rated black pipe supply lines are connected to the tankless hot water heater, refrigerator and distribution manifold. The manifold has 2 quick disconnect ports each with an individual shut off valve. These ports are designed to accept any gas appliance with a suitable connector and flexable hose. The system can also be used to fuel the optional propane generator.




The model is supplied with a 2 burner stove, stainless steel grill and tent heater. Each appliance is supplied with a flex rubber hose with quick disconnect fitting. The stove can heat 2 large pots or pans. The stainless grill is supplied with a rear side door mount that can also be used to set up the grill on the ground or picnic table. The 9000 BTU heater is certified for interior use with built in O2 and CO sensor and can easily heat the tent and enclosed vestibule areas.








The model comes supplied with a 30 day supply of freeze dried and dehydrated food for 2 people. Travel day food includes energy bars and individual mylar bag water containers that provide drinking and sanitation water without any filtration. The Extended supply is freeze dried and dehydrated and requires nothing but boiling water to prepare. It is contained in waterproof, 5 gallon, food grade, plastic buckets with GAMMO screw top lids. A supplied meal preparation guide will allow easy preparation of tasty meals with no prior experience. High grade all stainless steel cooking pots and pans, cooking utensils, plates, bowls, cups and utensils are an virtually indestructible and easy to clean and maintain. A large assortment of supplied cleaning supplies are stored in plastic containers in the Kitchen area.






Nuclear / Biological / Chemical (NBC)




To survive an NBC event, each person must be quickly don protective equipment and move away from the area contaminated by the event. The model is equipped to do both. Quick don protective suits, gloves and shoe coverings will minimize radioactive dust, biological and chemical agent exposure. An ample supple of potassium iodine tablets will protect the sensitive thyroid gland from radiation. The full face gas masks with NATO approved filters will protect against inhaling any NBC contaminants while allowing communications and water drinking capability. The shower can be used with the supplied decontaminate rinsing solutions on users and equipment for all events. A large quantity of disposable latex gloves, N95 masks and full hood ponchos will allow continued protection once the user has cleared the immediate vicinity of the event.






First Aid




Knowledge and equipment are required to handle health issues. A user that doesn't have the knowledge of how to clean a wound and apply bandage is as unprepared as a surgeon who can't close a wound because of the lack of sueter and needle. The model remedies both of these by providing both knowledge and equipment. An easy to use first aid guide provides guidance for even the most traumatic events. The equipment includes a comprehensive first aid kit, a field trauma kit and a dental emergency kit. While some of the supplied equipment may be outside the scope of skills for some users, the probability of encountering a trained medical provider that can use the equipment to help the user is very likely in a widespread event. Packed in grab and go bags and easily accessible on the inside door of the trailer, these kits are the perfect solution.










The model provides a variety of security means. A built in all metal gun safe is perfect for storing firearms and ammunition. This full sized safe will handle rifles, shotguns and handguns and comes supplied with an all metal ammo can that fits on the floor. The safe is through bolted to the trailer frame for added protection from theft. The side mounted, all steel, lockable tool box is filled with a wide assortment of the finest tools. A comprehensive ratchet, wrench, screwdriver and plier set is stored in a custom fold open container. A shovel, axe, bow saw and 2 ton nylon tow strap make debris cleanup and firewood gathering easy tasks. Protective gloves and glasses save the user from harmful injuries. A 3 ton scissor jack and 4 way tire iron can be used to change both trailer and tow vehicle tires. Navigation security is provided with the supplied lensmatic compass and communications between users can be made on the supplied VHF FRS/GMRS radio set with rechargeable batteries. Lighting the night with the supplied all metal LED flashlights or supplied headlamps allow easy set up in any conditions.


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