Internal Features

Interior Features


Walls and Floor - Solid Plywood - No Launa or Particle Board


Flooring - Rubber Diamond Plate - Non Slip


20 gal fresh water tank with 12V electric pump and Accumulator


On Demand Tankless Hot Water System for Shower and Kitchen


2 - AGM Deep Cycle Batteries and Controller


110V Pure Sine Wave Inverter / Charger


External Power Connection


Propane System with Quick Connect Manifolds


3 Way Refrigerator - Propane / 12V / 110V


5 Gun Safe - Metal / Fire Retardant


Storage Shelves - Interior Full Wall - Steel


Side Door Waterproof Storage Bags - grab and go


Cargo Net Secures Sleeping Bags and Foldout Chairs


Gammo Lid Waterproof Sealed Containers for All Supplies






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