Kitchen Features

Full Feature Kitchen



Side Concession Door Folds Down


Kitchen Unit Slides Out


2 Burner Propane Stove


3 way Refrigerator - Propane / 12V / 110V


Stainless Steel Propane BBQ Grill with Full Cover


Stainless Steel Cookset with Pots / Pans / lids


Stainless Steel Plates / Bowls / Cups / Utensils


Stainless Steel Deep Sink and Counter Top


Hot Water on Demand Sink Sprayer for Clean Up


Additional Feature



5 Gal Grey Water Tank Connects to Sink for

Collection and Disposal of Wash Water


Stainless Steel Water Filtration System


Stainless Steel Water Distillation System


External Fresh Water Tank Fill


5 Gal Portable Water Tank for Storing

Potable or Filtered Water


Coleman Extreme Ice Cooler

Fold out tent provides shade and

weather protection -

can be fully enclosed or awning only




Vestibule with Zip-In Water Proof Floor


Completely Encloses the Kitchen Area







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