Electrical Production

Electrical Production




The loss of Electrical power is almost certain in emergency events. Reports from major storms like Katrina and Sandy showed that many individuals were unable to receive critical emergency information or contact their loved ones because of a lack of recharge capability for their communication devices.


The goal of the electrical system is to keep the 2 AGM Deep Cycle batteries charged sat full capacity so the multi-function charging station may be used. The batteries are charged through 5 different methods. While driving, vehicle alternator current is supplied through a standard 7 pin trailer plug. Solar generated energy is delivered while underway or stationary. The wind generator is deployed while stationary and a standard receptacle shore power plug allows hook up to an outside source or the use of an optional propane powered generator.



EMP Protection


Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP ) is an energy wave produced by the explosion of a nuclear bomb in the upper atmosphere or by the release of a massive cloud of charged particles in an Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) by the sun. Either of these events will permanently disable any unprotected electrical or electronic device. All system electrical components are delivered installed in a sealed Faraday Cage. This cage protects the components by isolating the system through the use of quick disconnect plugs.




Solar Panel


Kyocera 140 Watt Panel

Mounted to Produce Power Moving or Stationary

State-of-the-Art MPPT Solar Controller _ maximizes charging

Advanced Tilting Mount Adjusts to Track Sun



Generator Option


2000 watt Generator - A/C and D/C Power

Ultra Quiet

Will Run Off Propane or Gasoline

Plugs into Pre-wired System

Stored in trailer Interior for Security



Wind Generator


240 Watt 8.5 Amp 14 V Wind Generator

Stores Inside Trailer Until Needed

Mounting Bracket allows Quick Set Up

Fully Weather Resistant Marine Grade

Plugs Into Prewired System




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